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What is an internal audit

An internal audit is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value to an organization's operations through systematic risk management and control evaluations. An internal auditor works with management to understand the strategic, operational, financial, and compliance objectives desired from the audit. Its more then just that, add onsite property inspections by a highly experienced auditor in both hotel operations and accounting to really make the difference. Here are the benefits of doing hotel internal audits:

  • Accurate and complete processing of transactions

  • SOP's policies and procedures in place

  • Training for employee turnover

  • Safeguards against fraud risks

  • Monitoring key processes and controls

Here are just a few benefits of doing hotel property inspections:

  • Surprise cash counts

  • Verifying property management system reports tie out properly

  • Reviewing cash & credit card daily deposits

  • Reviewing accounts receivable transactions for accuracy and billing procedures

  • Reviewing front desk procedures

  • Reviewing HR files

  • Reviewing food & beverage operations

  • Protection of assets and key control access points

  • Storage of inventory

  • Maintenance work orders and preventative maintenance programs

Audit Hotel specializes in doing both internal audits and surprise hotel property inspections.


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