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Internal Audits and Surprise Property  Inspections

Audit Hotel is focused on how to better manage your property by reviewing your existing operational procedures with best practices commonly found throughout the hospitality industry.  We verify compliance of your standard operating procedures and provide a comprehensive review of internal control procedures for each department of your hotel.  We do surprise property inspections which often uncover items previously unknown to ownership.

We are hospitality management experts!  And offer a wide level of experience and knowledge to each engagement.


We do surprise property inspections with a comprehensive review of internal control procedures for the following hotel departments: Cash Handling, Accounts Receivable, Front Desk Rooms, Housekeeping, Night Audit Revenue Testing, Payroll HR, Accounts Payable Invoice Testing, and Food & Beverage, and Maintenance Work Order and PM.


Audit Hotel also does operational audits: Guest Service Review, Room Inspections, Grounds and Public Area Inspections, Custom SOP Audits, IT Systems Review, Technology PMS Systems Review, Sales Audits, Safety Audits, Laundry Audits, Engineering Audits, Payroll Compliance Audits, Leasehold Tenant Revenue Audits, Loss Prevention Audits, Fraud & Theft Investigations, Bank Reconciliations Review.

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