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Standard Operating Procedure SOP Audits & Development

One of the most useful systems to streamline your business is having a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual. This manual lists the all the tasks that are essential for your business success, how to do these tasks, and who is responsible for the tasks listed. The SOP makes it easy to find out what policies and procedures are in place to handle repetitive situations/tasks. SOPs are what you believe to be the most efficient, most effective way to do that operation. SOPs help a business have predictable end results, something that can be repeated again and again.


Standard Operating Procedures SOP's provide direction, improve communication, reduce training time, and improve work consistency.


Does your hotel have SOP's?
If you answered No, then try our SOP development service.  We review your operations and provide assistance with developing custom SOP's that fit your hotel.


How good are your SOP's?   Try our SOP review services.  We verify existing SOP's with onsite property inspections, to see how well they are being followed by your employees.  Most hotels have SOP's but they are out of date and not verified.  We provide assistance with development of SOP's as needed based on the final review of your hotel operations.   


It is critical to have good SOP's that spell out company policies for guest service policies such as:  employee empowerment, dealing with guest complaints, adjustments and comps, responding quickly, offering special amenities, responding to online reviews, providing review links to satisfied guests, and turning a bad guest experience into a positive one, showing the guest you truly care.


Audit Hotel specializes in these areas and can make all the difference.

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