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The most common bartender ways to cheat are:

  • Ringing up a custom, underpriced drink in the POS and pocketing the difference

  • Over pouring for friends, family, authorities, or local merchants

  • Buying and bringing their own liquor from home and using that to pour drinks, not ringing anything up and pocketing the money

  • Flagging a check as a walk-out and keeping the money

  • Unsanctioned comps, AKA free drinks

  • Claiming a drink was sent back by the guest, then reselling it and keeping the money

  • Ringing up well drinks (see what is a well drink) but giving away top-shelf liquor

  • Ringing up top-shelf liquor but giving away well drinks and keeping the difference

  • Ringing up drinks on another bartender’s open POS login

  • Ringing up a bottle of wine, but serving wine by the glass and pocketing the difference

  • Failure to ring in cocktail server sales and pocketing the money

  • Selling wine bottle left-overs to other customers as wine by the glass and not ringing it in

Prevention internal control measures:

  • Control POS manager void access carefully

  • Require ROD ring on delivery and observe compliance

  • Limit access to liquor store room to manager only

  • Track liquor requisitions to main lounge

  • Require bottle for bottle exchange to maintain par on hand

  • Eliminate open promotion key access in the POS

  • Utilize electronic promo tickets and control issuance

  • Manager review and tracking of void tickets, walk-outs, and complaints

  • Track daily sales and inventory of super premium liquor and wine

  • Utilize unique POS employee sign in and terminate old accounts

  • Utilize cloud based POS systems to track sales, tips and payments in real time (Toast, Square, Clover)

  • Print and review daily financial and sales report

  • Add surveillance cameras to the main bar location, drink stations, POS, and inventory

  • Lock beer kegs, wine, and liquor inventory after hours.

  • Perform monthly inventories with modern APPS (ParTender, BarLounge, BevTend, and others)

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