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Credit Card Fraud - credit card fraud can take many forms and can be perpetrated by either an insider (employee) or an outsider (guest, vendor, or third-party).

Credit Card Credits - the front desk cashier makes a “guest complaint” adjustment and credits the cashier’s personal credit card, even though the hotel received no complaint from the guest.

Vendor Fraud - vendor fraud is a type of occupational fraud in which the fraudster manipulates an organization’s accounts payable and/or payment system for illegal personal gain. A fictitious vendor scheme is a common vendor fraud that occurs in the hospitality industry.

Inventory Theft - this type of theft is common in the hospitality industry and may occur at either the front of the house or back of the house.

F&B Coupon Promo Fraud - this fraud normally occurs when a customer pays a bill with cash. For example, a restaurant places an advertisement featuring a coupon offering a $10 discount off the dinner bill. After the customer leaves the restaurant, the waiter removes $10 of cash from the customer’s payment and submits a coupon and posts to promo.

F&B Comps & Void Fraud - a restaurant server collects cash from a guest, voids the entire check for “customer dissatisfaction,” and pockets the cash. A bartender collects cash for a drink, comps the drink for a “loyal customer,” and pockets the cash.

Ghost Employee Fraud - The hotel manager or controller pays weekly wages to an employee that does not exist using the payroll direct deposit to their own bank account.


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