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In order to maintain a high level of security in all areas of the hotel, management must have a solid key control program in place. There are fundamental components to a well managed and implemented key control program.

When was the last key control audit performed at your hotel? Here are some basic procedures that forms the basis of good key and lock control:

  • No keys are taken home or leave the property, and all keys kept at the property.

  • Key sign out/in log used daily in all departments.

  • Keys kept in lockbox in proper back office location.

  • Video camera of lockbox.

  • Back office door, storage doors, kitchen, etc. kept locked at all times.

  • Keys assigned individually to each person or daily usage tracked by assigned key number.

  • Separate key box for each department with manager combination for access.

  • Emergency E-Keys strictly controlled in one location behind glass.

  • Verify no other master keys can over-ride guest room deadbolt.

  • Reporting lost keys and cancelling access in system.

  • Regular key inventory and/or terminated. employee access removal.

  • Room attendant keys left on cleaning carts.

  • Reading door locks and investigating usage.

Specialized key control policy in hotels is an additional resource that can further improve property protection and help ensure the safety of guests, and reduce liability due to negligence. Often, employees take short cuts and key control system procedures are not followed or enforced. We recommend performing regular internal audits to verify compliance with good key control.

Audit Hotel specializes in internal audits and surprise hotel property inspections.

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