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Just In! I-9 Employer Audits on the Rise - Be Ready

he Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division of the Department of Homeland Security (HIS) has conducted over 5,200 audits in 2018 compared to 1,360 audits in all of 2017. An increase is expected for 2019.

ICE conducts targeted inspections of employers' Form I-9 records to ensure compliance with the law, and to confirm that employees are authorized to work in the USA. I-9 inspections, which may be targeted as a result of anonymous leads and tips, are commenced by an ICE officer serving the employer with a Notice of Inspection, the employer is typically given three days advance notice to prepare for the inspection. Less time may be given if ICE presents a search warrant to the employer. It is critical for employers to regularly conduct I-9 self-audits, and engage in regular and systematic training of human resources personnel with responsibility for I-9s to ensure that their I-9s are in order. If ICE identifies violations, the agency could impose civil fines, and may also recommend criminal prosecution if there were intentional or known violations. Fines are increasing every year. Current fines for paperwork violations range from $224 minimum to $2,236 maximum per violation. Even typos or mistakenly entering the wrong date of birth may be found to be a paper violation. AUDIT HOTEL inspects I-9's for proper compliance issues included with each hotel internal audit. We are always updating our knowledge with the latest changes occurring in the hospitality industry.

Audit Hotel specializes in internal audits and surprise hotel property inspections.


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